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Once I have a critter all cleaned up, I pick an appropriately-sized box. 

1.0 meter X 1.0 meter
0.5 meters X 1.0 meter
0.5 meters X 0.5 meters
0.2 meters X 0.5 meters
0.2 meters X 0.2 meters

Why is everything in metric?  Well, archaeologists and paleontologists tend to be pretty meticulous folks, so we measure just about everything.  In addition, a lot of us work all over the world.  Metric measurements allow us to be meticulous, but also allow other researchers to be familiar with our measurement system.

At Boxcavations, I try to instill the same excavation practices and ethics used by professional archaeologists and paleontologists.  This doesn't give you license to go out and dig just anything.  But you'll at least have gained the experience of what it is like to excavate a real site.