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Welcome to the Boxcavations gallery!

Here are a bunch of photos, and links to a few videos, of various Boxcavations we've done over the past several years.

This first set is a mallard that was buried for two years.  That seems to have been a bit too long--many of the bones were soft and spongy after having been buried for that long (I do not know what the pH of the sand is).


Next is a (parts of) two harbor seals...the first shows a front right flipper that had been buried in horse manure.  It ended up OK, but was stained fairly dark brown.  The next two are from a single harbor seal, buried in sand.

Front R flipper of a harbor seal, buried in horse manure. Front half of a harbor seal, buried in sand. Back half of a harbor seal, buried in sand.

Here are a couple shots of Steller sea lions.  You can see a time-lapse video of the "field prepped" specimen here.

This is the skull and cervical (neck) vertebrae of the complete skeleton we boxcavated at the Burke Museum. Here is what I call a "field prep" of a skeleton, where one front limb, one rear limb, and the skull are saved for use in a comparative skeletal reference collection.

And, finally, some photos of Rakata.  Rakata was a Sumatran tiger who lived at the zoo.  He died of old age, and his skeleton is now at the Burke Museum in Seattle.  Two short time-lapse videos can be seen here (front half, unfortunately not a very good sequence) and here (back half, which turned out really well).

The front half of Rakata, a Sumatran tiger. The back half of Rakata, a Sumatran tiger. Excavtion in progress.....